The Pie Project

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all!

The Pie Project was a unique and creative way to raise $4000 to hold a Christmas dinner/party for all Foster Youth in Monterey County. Thanks to all who participated and supported us with financial donations or moral support… We did it!

We’ve created a Magical collage of videos which tells the complete story behind Self the Elf. I invite you read the Self The Elf story along with our Note To Self and watch the video.

The entire Pie Project metaphorically relates to the unique challenges and successes of Foster Youth within our society along with their amazing abilities that are built as a result of those challenges.

Click Here for the Self The Elf Story

Note to Self

Peacock Acres presents #ThePieProject
  • Salinas Firefighters

     Many thanks to Salinas PAL and Salinas firefighters for their toy drive efforts!  
    • Monterey County Sheriffs

       Thank you so much for your multiple donations!  
      • The First Tee of Monterey County

         Thank you so much for donating!  
        • Premium Beverage Co

           Thank you so much for donating!  
          • Garcia Boxing

             Thank you so much for donating!  
            • Mayor Gunter

               Thank you so much for donating!  
              • Dunston Realty

                 Thank you so much for donating $100!  
                • Don Chapin Company

                   Thank you so much for donating!  
                  • DBA Electric

                     Thank you so much for donating!  
                    • ID Concepts

                       Thank you so much for your donations!  
                    • Assured Aggregates (Part 2)

                       Thank you for your donation!
                    • Assured Aggregates (Part 1)

                       Thank you for your donation!
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