Tranistional Housing Placement Program (THPP)


The Transitional Housing Placement Program (THPP) is designed for foster teens, ages 16-17, who are ready to practice their independent living skills with less direct supervision. Teens live in three or four bedroom homes in residential neighborhoods throughout Salinas and the greater Monterey County. Peacock Acres staff reside in the homes to fully promote and role model independent living skills.

High school completion is advised but alternative educational plans are permitted.

Parenting teens are accepted into this program while the unique needs of parenting teens are creatively met.

The key issue in determining a youth’s readiness to enter the Peacock Acres THPP is their motivation to obtain something better in this life which is directly related to their maturity level advancing beyond the neglect and abuse they experienced prior to arriving to Peacock Acres. Youth demonstrating an investment in their future will be guided along the path of independent living, focusing on areas such as completing high school, planning for college and/or an appropriate employment plan. Youth will learn to take direction from trusted adults and receive assistance in cooking, shopping, sharing household chores and budgeting money.

Program Details

  • Youth share fully furnished houses in residential neighborhoods along with houseparents who are employees of Peacock Acres
  • Our homes are selected for their safety and proximity to schools and bus transportation
  • Each youth has their own room or may share with another resident
  • Youth are permitted carefully constructed unsupervised time which may be increased as trust is established and good decision making surfaces
  • Help in attaining a California Drivers License
  • Youth may be employed while in THPP but completing high school is of a higher priority
  • All THPP youth must attend Monterey County’s bi-monthly Independent Living Program

Meet Lily

Meet Lily…

17-year-old Lily is a member of our THPP Family. When Lily’s mom was incarcerated five years ago Lily was placed with a large foster care family. Things went well until her behaviors began to disrupt the household. Her foster mom reported late night phone calls, lying, schoolwork deteriorating and sneaking out to “party” with friends. When Lily came home smelling like alcohol, that was the last straw! Her foster parents immediately gave a 7-day notice; Lily must be moved. Fortunately, Lily was eligible for Peacock Acres’ THPP where her teenage needs can be met.

Today, Lily is a teenager with a plan for her future. She attends high school and is working hard to get her diploma and then go to Hartnell College. She has her Permit to Drive in California and is currently enjoying a behind-the-wheel course in preparation for her license.

Meet Joseph

Meet Joseph…

17-year-old Joseph is a member of our THPP family. He has been in 10 different foster care placements in the last 8 years, mostly in group homes. Joseph has a history of truancy and is now so far behind on “credits” he may not graduate high school until he is 19 years old. Joseph ran away from his last group home and has now been returned. His social worker knows he will probably run again. As she contemplated Joseph’s needs and his probable future she looked for – and found – the Peacock Acres’ Transitional Housing Placement Program (THPP).

Joseph was interviewed and accepted into the THPP. He and his support team contemplated his educational goals and he is now attending an approved GED program concurrently with vocational classes aimed at job preparedness through certification of learned skills.

Meet Jenny

Meet Jenny…

17-year-old Jenny is a member of our THPP Family. Jenny ran away for the first time when she was twelve. Her single mother, often drank and used drugs and paid little attention to Jenny’s comings and goings. Jenny was picked up by the police on numerous occasions for “crimes” including curfew violation, possession of marijuana and attempting to shoplift an iPod. Eventually Jenny was removed from the custody of her mother, made a “Ward of the Court” and ordered to complete a placement program for females on probation. Here she attended school and surprised everyone by her cooperation and good grades . As her release date drew near her probation officer contemplated Jenny’s placement needs and made the decision to refer her to Peacock Acres Transitional Housing Placement Program (THPP).

Today Jenny is 17 years old. Although she is far from having enough credits to graduate high school by her eighteenth birthday, if she continues to apply herself she will graduate by her nineteenth birthday in June. She and her housemate make a weekly shopping list and alternate cooking and clean-up. Jenny is learning to budget *her money wisely, but she is not yet ready for her own checking account.

*THPP participants earn a Personal Allowance for Independent Development (P.A.I.D.) weekly