Transitional Housing Placement + Foster Care


The Transitional Housing Placement + Foster Care Program is a foster care placement option for non-minor dependents (NMDs). This federal and state program option is available to NMDs age 18 up to age 21. We are one of many licensed transitional housing placement provider’s throughout the state of California. We provide safe housing for NMDs and help them develop the skills needed for transitioning into independent, self-sufficient living.

Here at Peacock Acres, we understand that foster youth who have reached 18 years of age typically have not achieved an internal maturity level that will sustain them in society with no more support from quality foster care organizations. As a result, Peacock Acres is thankful to our state and federal governments for recognizing this need and “extending” similar services to foster youth up until their 21st birthday. 18 year old foster youth who typically would have been emancipated into society upon their 18th birthday, with all services ending, must meet educational and/or employment eligibility criteria to receive extended foster care (EFC) benefits. Although attending high school is not a specific requirement, it may be used to satisfy eligibility criteria.

Participants in the program live independently, each in a one bedroom apartment or two participants in a two bedroom house, sharing common areas. The THP+FC program provides supportive assistance and services designed to help participants prepare for emancipation and independent living. Assistance focuses on education, employment, financial and budget planning skills, health and nutrition, interpersonal life skills and family planning.

Program Details

Youth must meet at least 1 of the 4 eligibility requirements for Extended Foster Care, including:

  • Be enrolled in high school or an equivalent program or college/vocational program
  • Work at least 80 hours per month
  • Participate in program expectations and activities to assist youth in obtaining meaningful and sustainable employment and  to remove barriers to employment
  • Be unable to do one of the above based on medical or mental health condition