Sam – i2s

Date:Oct 10, 2012

17 year old Sam is contributing to the success of our I2S family


Sam has been in foster care since he was five years old. With his extended family’s gang affiliation, it was no surprise that Sam was in and out of Juvenile Hall from the time he was twelve. At 16, Sam was convicted of auto theft and was sentenced to one year’s incarceration at the Youth Center in Salinas, CA.


While incarcerated, Sam displayed a high degree of cooperation, worked hard in the onsite school and seemed to be wanting something better out of life. As Sam’s release date drew nearer, his case manager from the Youth Center began working on his post-incarceration plan. Everyone knew if Sam were to be returned home, he would likely re-offend. Sam was referred to Peacock Acres’ Incarceration to Success (I2S) residential program to keep him going in the right direction.