Date:Jun 03, 2015


Peacock Acres Transitional Housing (PATH) is the sole provider for Monterey County’s THP-Plus program – a statewide California program for emancipated foster youth, ages 21-24, and who are not AB12 eligible. THP-Plus offers qualified youth up to 24 months of subsidy in a supported environment while they pursue their formalized Transitional Independent Living Plan (T.I.L.P.). This THP-Plus program is intended to “capture” those former foster youth through California that are homeless. “Homelessness” is one of the criteria for entrance into the THP-Plus program.

“Not only has being a resident of Peacock Acres given me shelter, I have exceeded any expectations anyone has set for me, and have gotten to a place that I never dreamed I could have gotten.” – 21 year old PATH resident

Program Details

  • Up to 24 months of subsidy for emancipated foster youth 18–24

  • Scattered site housing

  • Employment opportunities

  • Educational support

  • Scholarships and grants

  • Career coaching

  • Money management skills

  • Social skills

  • Cooking, shopping, nutrition, stress reduction and life management skills

  • Qualified parents are welcome


How can you help?

Consider donating household supplies since most of our PATH residents are living independently for the first time; Mentor a youth to navigate applying and starting college; Be a parent mentor for residents who are parents, or become a monthly giver to support the program.