Maria – THPP

Date:Oct 10, 2012

THPP was a good fit for Maria.

“I can honestly say that the year and a half I spent in THPP was the best year and a half of my life. THPP took me away from foster homes, where I felt uncomfortable and unsafe. In THPP, I learned how to drive, how to cook for myself and how to clean my space. I learned how to use my words rather than burst out in a rage of anger.

THPP helped me seek out a job and supplied me with the right clothes and skills to do so. I had to be independent and could not rely on anyone besides myself. Even in the instances where sadness overcame me during the holidays, I could say that I had a group of people I could closely rely on- a family – and gifts under the tree to celebrate with.

THPP supplied me with everyting I took to college, and helped me get to where I am today: a self-reliant and courageous individual. THPP did nothing to hold me back – they encouraged me on my journey to discover myself and achieve success.”

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