Lily – THPP Program

Date:Oct 10, 2012

17 year-old Lily is a member of our THPP Family

When her mom was incarcerated five-years ago, Lily was placed with a large foster care family. Things went well for Lily until suddenly her behaviors began to disrupt the household. Her faster mom reported constant late night phone calls, lying, schoolwork deteriorating and sneaking out to “party” with friends. And when she came home smelling like alcohol, that was the last straw! Her foster parents immediately gave a seven-day notice; Lily must be moved. Fortunately, Lily is eligible for Peacock Acres’ THPP where her teenage needs can be met.

The key issue in determining a youth’s readiness to enter Peacock Acres THPP is their motivation and level of personal maturity. Because Lily showed an investment in her future, she will be guided along the path of independent living, focusing on areas such as completing high school, planning for college and/or an appropriate employment plan. She will learn to take direction from trusted adults and receive assistance in cooking, shopping, sharing household chores and budgeting money.