Jasmine – PATH+THP-Plus

Date:Oct 05, 2012

She’s on the road to success with Peacock Acres’ THP-Plus

Jasmine was placed into foster care after her mom’s death when she was nine. She has lived with five different foster families but none of them became a permanent connection. Jasmine emancipated from California’s Foster Care System when she turned eighteen. Having no real family to turn to, she was on her own. Jasmine DID have a plan for her future though; she wanted to be an actress and a singer so she took all her belingings and hitchhiked to Monterey, planning to earn money as a street performer as she had seen other kids doing when she visited earlier with her former foster family. The plan didn’t work out, and Jasmine found herself living on the streets, contemplating other ways she might survive.


Jasmine called her old social worker who told her about a new program in California designed to help emancipated youth adults like herself. Jasmine was accepted into Peacock Acres Transitional Housing (PATH-Plus/THP-Plus of Monterey County) and moved into a fully furnished girl’s dormitory. Currently, Jasmine receives support as she follows her Transitional Independent Living Plan (TILP) that she created on her own. As she progresses, Jasmine may move into her own furnished apartment and remain there when she exits the program as a financially independent adult!