Therapeutic Group Homes For Boys

Date:Jun 04, 2015

Peacock Acres’ Residential Classification Level (RCL) -10 Therapeutic Group Homes are licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services to provide residential care in a therapeutic environment for boys, ages 6 to 18. Peacock Acres Group Homes are located in rural settings in Monterey County, California.

Children may be referred by Child Protective Services or any arm of California’s Department of Family and Children’s Services.

Program DetailsTherapeutic Group Homes for Boys

  • Trained staff supervise children 24 hours a day except when they are in school or another approved location

  • Each home has six boys along with live-in houseparent(s) to support and role-model quality group living dynamics

  • All youth must participate in quality therapeutic services delivered by Monterey County Behavioral Health

  • All youth must engage (even at minimal levels) in organized sports and personal development activities such as

    • Organized sports

    • Music lessons

    • Martial arts

    • Peacock Acres running program

    • Arts and Craft activities

    • Field trips that enhance and appreciation and respect for the outdoors

    • Field trips to higher education establishments (i.e. CSU and UC locations)

    • Field trips to amusements parks

    • Skateboarding

  • Cultural enrichment activities

  • All youth are encouraged and supported in regular family visits with biological parents and family members. These quality, supervised visits are necessary in maintaining regular family relations that can lead to functional reunification with parents and/or placements in “kin” foster homes.

All residents of Peacock Acres Group Homes attend public schools which may include Peacock Acres Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC).

Meet Juan

Meet Juan…

10-year-old Juan is a member of our Group Home Family. Two years ago Juan and his younger brothers were living with their mom.

Extreme domestic violence was common in the home. One night there was a stabbing and when the police came Juan was covered in blood. Soon he began having nightmares, trouble in school and wandering the streets. His mom used harsh physical punishment to try and correct Juan’s “crazy” behaviors. When neighbors began calling CPS, Juan’s life started to change.

Juan was eventually removed from his mother’s care and placed in a foster home where his behaviors (lying, stealing, temper tantrums, threatening others and failing in school) demonstrated a need for a higher level of care in a therapeutic environment. Juan was referred to Peacock Acres Group Homes.


Meet Micheal

Meet Michael…

12-year-old Michael is a member of our Group Home Family. Michael lived in a family where “spare the rod and spoil the child” was the guiding principle of parenthood. As he approached puberty his school performance began to decline. He was disruptive in class and began defying his parents at home, all resulting in his mother’s escalating physical punishments. As Michael’s classroom behaviors continued to be disruptive, his grades continued to decline, his rebellion escalated and his mother continued to physically punish him.

One day at school, Michael dropped his books and when he bent down to pick them up, the school nurse was walking by… And she saw the bruises. As a mandated reporter of suspected child abuse, the nurse made her report directly to CPS. Michael was detained in the nurse’s office and a specialized investigative team was immediately dispatched to the school. Michael did not return home that day.

Michael was placed in an emergency shelter for the night and he remained sheltered for a number of weeks as law enforcement, social services and the juvenile court system sorted out a reunification plan for the family. As part of that plan it was determined that a therapeutic environment would most benefit Michael as his parents dealt with their legal issues and attended parenting classes as required by the reunification plan. Michael became one of the children of Peacock Acres.


Meet Daniel

Meet Daniel…

10-year-old Daniel is a member of our Group Home Family. Daniel and his mom were surviving any way they could. They lived with different men for a day or two, slept in cars, on the streets, in the park and sometimes in a cheap hotel room where mom could earn money the only way she knew how. Daniel was always in the room and when mom found a steady boyfriend they all moved in to his one room trailer.

The adults bought lots of beer and cigarettes but there was hardly ever any food. Daniel got away as often as he could and found food in trash cans. He wandered the streets for long hours alone, especially when his mom started sexually serving the boyfriend and his friends…

Finally, Daniel was caught stealing at a local convenience store and when his mother could not be contacted he was taken to Juvenile Hall until further plans could be made. Two days later (with a bed to sleep on and 3 meals a day in his stomach), Daniel asked the corrections officer if he could stay there. An investigation was begun and Daniel’s mother was taken into custody for a variety of violations including the neglect and endangerment of a child. Daniel became a Ward of the Court of Monterey County.

Because he was so young, Daniel’s assigned social worker initially placed him in a foster home but his acting-out behaviors soon made it apparent that he would need a higher level of care. And so, Daniel became one of the children of Peacock Acres.