Damien – Path+THP-Plus

Date:Oct 10, 2012

PATH-Plus helped Damien help himself by giving him the support he needed to stand on his own two feet and work toward his future goals. 

“I came from a past of neglect and no moral support from elders or my peers, having to jump around from place to place. This made it difficult to feel safe or have a place I could actually call home.

Path has helped with that a lot. PATH provides me with a grocery stipend and a gas stipend, and I find it very helpful knowing that I don’t have to pay out of pocket for these daily necessities.

I have a place to live now. I’m a full time student at CSUMB, and I’m working part-time. Since I am the only member of my family in the state of California, without PATH I would probably be homeless, living on the streets and not continuing my education. I hope to graduate from the PATH program and continue my education while still utilizing all the resources this program has to offer.”

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