CSUMB – Service Learning

Date:Oct 19, 2012

The Therapeutic Learning Center at Peacock Acres enjoys a rich and meaningful relationship with Service Learners from CSU Monterey Bay. We have hosted hundreds of CSUMB Service Learners in many different capacities. Their contribution is tremendous in the overall success and the growth of the Therapeutic Learning Center. We are so grateful for our Service Learners, and we are excited for future projects to develop!

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Mission Statement
The mission of the Service Learning Institute is to foster and promote social justice by cultivating reciprocal service and learning partnerships among CSUMB students, faculty, staff and the surrounding tri-county community.

Philosophy Statement
Social justice is the guiding principle for our practice in service learning. We believe that:

CSU Monterey Bay students, as future leaders of our community, deserve a real world education that inspires social responsibility, cultivates respect for diversity and encourages compassion for all;

CSUMB should be a responsible, engaged member of the local community;

Academic learning is strengthened by engaging in meaningful service and reflection;

Education at CSUMB should be transformative; creating ethical and responsible community participants; and that,

All partners in the service learning process should be engaged in teaching and learning, serving and being served.

Core Values

Building authentic partnerships that demonstrate shared leadership, collaboration and reciprocity;

• Acting with compassion, demonstrating honesty and authenticity;
• Working towards social justice: continual movement toward an equitable society;
• Developing multicultural understanding and respect for differences; and,
• Cultivating awareness of self in relation to social inequities through reflection and active service with the community.


Student Learning Goal

The overall goal of CSUMB’s service learning program is to help students become “Multicultural Community Builders: students who have the knowledge,skills and attitudes to work effectively in a diverse society to create more just and equitable workplaces,communities and social institutions.”