Holidays at Peacock Acres 2016


We received many generous donations from community members and businesses. Thank you for sharing your holiday spirit and choosing the youth at Peacock Acres.

Adopt Peacock Acres for the Holidays

When you ask a child about the holiday season, most children talk about Santa Claus, decorating for the holiday, big family gatherings and traditional holiday food.

Unfortunately, for children living in foster care, the holiday season is a reminder of what they don't have... what they never had... and what they want the most.

Youth in living foster care are longing to be with their biological families for the holidays. Peacock Acres is understands the emotional and often behavioral issues that arise this time of year for our youth. We also know that though we do not replace their biological families, Peacock Acres knows how to remind youth they are loved and they are special.

Just like any other family might do, we plan fun traditions that they can cherish forever like Christmas tree decorating, gingerbread house contests, family style dinners, stockings and more. [b]You are a part of the family too. And together, we can make the holiday one they will never forget![/b]

Please donate towards an event that is close to your heart - choose from wish lists, sponsor ice skating, donate a gift card. Every bit helps!

Thank you!