• Serving foster youth in Monterey County
    Peacock Acres.

Peacock Acres is a life-changing organization for foster youth in Monterey County.

Mission Statement: Peacock Acres provides supportive housing, intense case management, and life coaching for foster children and young adults who have been separated from their families. With high character and resolve, our youth are steered towards opportunities for healing and growth as they continue their journey toward a fulfilling, productive life.

How Can You Help?

  • Donate

    Donations of in-kind items are accepted. Please contact the office to learn about our highest needs.

    Recurring donations help us fund extracurricular activities for our youth throughout the year.


  • Advocate

    Share your story or support for foster youth on our Facebook Page!


  • Resident Application

    If you are a youth interested in applying to one of our residential programs (besides Group Home), please fill out this application first.


Organization Information

THPP: Transitional Housing Placement Program

The Transitional Housing Placement Program (THPP) is designed for foster teens, ages 16-17, who are ready to practice their independent living skills
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THP+ Foster Care

The Transitional Housing Placement + Foster Care Program is a foster care placement option for non-minor dependents (NMDs). This federal and state pro
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Therapeutic Group Homes For Boys

Peacock Acres’ Residential Classification Level (RCL) -10 Therapeutic Group Homes are licensed by the State of California Department of Social Service
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Peacock Acres Transitional Housing (PATH) is the sole provider for Monterey County’s THP-Plus program – a statewide California program for emanc
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Peacock Acres changes lives!